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Where is the Hampton Wreath Made?

The Hampton Wreath is proudly made in the USA and handcrafted at the Noress Company, a division of the Center of Hope Foundation, Inc. in Southbridge, MA. The Center of Hope Foundation is an agency serving adults with disabilities.

How long will the Hampton Wreath Last?

The Hampton Wreath is durable–it can withstand the heat, cold, wind, and rain. It will weather with the elements, which will add to its beauty. It is created with roping made for outdoor applications–either landscaping or marine use–and all materials have been tested outdoors. The Hampton Wreath is versatile and intended to last through the seasons.

Is each wreath the same?

No two Hampton Wreaths are created equal. The rope for each wreath is uniformly measured and carefully affixed to the core. Each wreath is made by hand and there will be seams. These nuances make each wreath unique and showcase the handcrafted element of this product. The Hampton Wreath can be customized with ribbons and seashells to match your style. This handcrafted process, coupled with your selected accessory, creates a wreath like no other.

What materials are used in The Hampton Wreath?

Depending on the style, The Hampton Wreath is made out of durable manila and polypropylene roping. The core of each is wrapped in burlap. Accessories and ribbon materials vary based on the style, but all are made of high-quality components.